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Inventing & Design

Current Projects as of 011/20/2019

  • Ribbon & Condenser Microphones
  • Testing Microphone Dynamic Range
  • Toroid Coil Winder
  • IR Diode Laser Engraver
  • FreeCAD Notes

  • Fogponic growing system for Goldenseal Herbs or other herbs
  • Cellular Concrete Foam Generator
  • Graphine Applications
  • Papercrete panels & structural moldings
  • Housing
  • CW Paddle Key

Cad Cam Editors - Software I Recommend

FreeCAD A powerful 3D python & OpenCascade based Cad Cam system.

OpenCascade Huge Library of 3D Cad programs

OpenScad OpenScad is a programmer based 3D Cad system.

OpenScam Gcode simulator OpenScam Gcode simulator.

SkeinForge STL to Gcode converter for 3D Printers. Wiki is here.

LibreCad Open Source DXF based 2D Cad system.

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